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”Join the COMCIS group on LinkedIn: As from now, new announcements will be published on the COMCIS group page on LinkedIn.”

”LOGISTICS IN 2030 – CHALLENGES AND WAY FORWARD: On 7-8 November 2013, a high-profile Logistics Conference took place under the auspices of the European Commission in Brussels. The outcome of discussions will directly feed into the European Commission work in 2014 to develop a logistics strategy in follow-up to the Freight Transport Logistics Action Plan the European Commission had launched in 2007. Lessons learned from COMCIS were presented as part of the e-Freight session („Supporting the change towards more collaborative and flexible freight transport logistics”). Presentations and videos are available on the EC Webcast Portal.”

”DHL business case presented at Antwerp Port Community System (APCS): On 7th November, the Antwerp Port Community System (APCS) will host the Supply Chain Visibility Seminar. DHL Global Forwarding will deliver a presentation on improving the reliability of global supply chains."

"The 6th ECITL was hosted from the 23rd till the 25th of October 2013 in the Aragon Institute of Technology (ITA) in Zaragoza and was co-organized by the Zaragoza Logistics Center (ZLC). COMCIS presented the business and operational ideas underlying consolidated & interoperable information services. See ECITL for details & downloads.”

“A document has been launched that shows how you are able to use the COMCIS tools. See How can I use COMCIS?"

“The COMCIS Final Conference has been held 24th June 2013 at Dinalog in Breda (Netherlands). See conference website for presentations."

“The results of the ECT story, our third industry implementation, have been published in a newsletter. See case study Taking the extended gateway to the next level."

“DHL, our second industry implementation, was presented to its operational users, the DHL control tower of a major account of DHL Global Forwarding, in April 2013. This marks the start of operational usage. See case study Raising the predictability of ocean freight logistics."

"Our first industry implementation, MSC, was finalised in May 2012. These results have been taken up by a new company Avantida and were made available to the Antwerp Port Community, see APCS for details."

"A number of projects including the e-Freight project organized the e-Freight 2012 conference on 9-10th May 2012 in Delft. This was the third year of the conference, which was first organized by DG TREN in 2009."

"The final DiSCwise Conference, entitled "Smart use of ICT in transport and logistics: Integrating SMEs in global digital value chain", was held on 16th of February, 2012, at WCO in Brussels. See www.discwise.eu for details. This video gives an introduction to the Common Framework, which is one of the building blocks of COMCIS."

"The COMCIS project officially started on 1st September 2011."